Respondents' Correspondence


OBJ/1 Mr G Bettley-Cooke
OBJ/2 Miss J D Curtis
OBJ/3 Newmarket Town Council
OBJ/4 Ms M Hunt
OBJ/5 Bacton United '89 FC  - Mr M Feavearyear
OBJ/6 W King
OBJ/7 Mr R Wolfe
OBJ/8 Mr and Mrs A Noble
OBJ/9 Mr P Hunt
OBJ/10 Ms R Kent
OBJ/11 Mr J Black on behalf of David Black & Son Ltd
OBJ/12 Mrs O Bowler
OBJ/13 Mr P Hodson
OBJ/14 Ms S Deering
OBJ/15 Mr S Whiting
OBJ/16 Mr M Smy
OBJ/17 Mr D Wright
OBJ/18 Mrs A Dunning
OBJ/19 Mrs P Collins
OBJ/20 Mr C Abbott
OBJ/21 Mr T Hill QC
OBJ/22 Mr J Finbow on behalf of Finbows Bacton 1991 Ltd
OBJ/23 Ms S Morling on behalf of Suffolk Local Access Forum
OBJ/24 Mrs R Newell - Backton Parish Council
OBJ/25 Mr B Crossman - Orwell Park Estates on behalf of Orwell Settlement Trustees 
OBJ/26 Mr E Baker on behalf of Messrs E Hudson Baker, Mabel Anne Baker and Paul Edmund Baker
OBJ/27 Cllr L Stanbury on behalf of Forest Heath District Council
OBJ/28 Cllr A Pugh on behalf of St Edmundsbury Borough Council
OBJ/29 Mr A Dunn on behalf Suffolk County Council
OBJ/30 Mr P Butler
OBJ/31 Ms H Butler
OBJ/32 Ms H Carrington on behalf of the National Famers Union
OBJ/33 Mr & Mrs P B Mellor
OBJ/34 Mr G Crosby
OBJ/35 Mr G MacLellan on behalf of Mellis Common Rightholders Association
OBJ/36 Mr E Suggett on behalf of the Ramblers Association
OBJ/37 Mr & Mrs C Hull
OBJ/38 Ms S Wall
OBJ/39 Mr R Leeks
OBJ/40 Mr S Gooderham – Cheffins on behalf of John Creasy Gooderham
OBJ/41 Rt Hon M Hancock MP
OBJ/42 Mr C Loyd on behalf of Mrs Mairi Jean Johnston
OBJ/43 Mr P A Reeve on behalf of Gt Barton Parish Council
OBJ/44 Mr E Keeble on behalf of John R Keeble & Son (Brantham) Limited
OBJ/45 Mrs F Cadman
OBJ/46 Dr J B H Box
OBJ/47 Mr C Joyce
OBJ/48 Mr & Mrs P Brace
OBJ/49 Cllr J Van Der Toorn
OBJ/50 Ms J Wicks
OBJ/51 Ms L Mutua on behalf of Environment Agency
OBJ/52 Ms D Mockett - BNP Paribas on behalf of Royal Mail Group Limited
OBJ/53 Mr C Hewett - Taylor Wimpey UK Limited
OBJ/54 Ms G Forsyth
OBJ/55 Mr & Mrs M Spence
OBJ/56 Mr S Aldous
OBJ/57 Mr N Battell
OBJ/58 Ms S Beckett on behalf of Newmarket Neighboourhood Plan Steering Group
OBJ/59 Mrs C S Box
OBJ/60 Ms C Ramsden - Birketts LLP on behalf of Mr David Caldwell
OBJ/61 Mr G Hughes on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council
OBJ/62 Mr A Taylor-Jones
OBJ/63 Mr J Nicholson
OBJ/64 Mr and Mrs A & S Coe
OBJ/65 Ms E Thorpe
OBJ/66 Mrs I E Jacobs
OBJ/67 Mr and Mrs F & J Biggs
OBJ/68 Mr S Rehling
OBJ/69 Mr D Turner
OBJ/70 Mr & Mrs M L Jacobs
OBJ/71 Mr R Fort
OBJ/72 Mr F Bendon
OBJ/73 Ms C Hayward
OBJ/74 Mr R Morgan
OBJ/75 Ms K Cousins
OBJ/76 Ms E Wass
OBJ/77 Ms L E Mangles
OBJ/78 The Occupier
OBJ/79 Ms G Davies
OBJ/80 Mrs P Claydon
OBJ/81 Ms H Wass
OBJ/82 Mr R Dorman
OBJ/83 Ms S Keys Brantham Parish Council
OBJ/84 Dr R Wood
OBJ/85 Rhian Bayliss
OBJ/86 Mrs P Ashwell
OBJ/87 Mrs P Wheeler
OBJ/88 Mr & Mrs Furze
OBJ/89 Mr I Bell
OBJ/90 J E Davidson
OBJ/91 M A Beaven
OBJ/91/1 M A Beaven further comments

OBJ/92 M Griffiths
OBJ/93 Mr & Mrs Southey
OBJ/94 Mrs D Bright
OBJ/95 Mrs H Erskine
OBJ/96 J Stewart
OBJ/97 Mr E O'Brien
OBJ/98 Mr & Mrs T & V Beamond
OBJ/99 Ms L E Holwill
OBJ/100 Mr & Mrs J Wilsoncroft
OBJ/101 Mr & Mrs Landymore
OBJ/102 Mr & Mrs Ellis
OBJ/103 The Occupier
OBJ/104 Mr K Hoddy
OBJ/105 Mr J Reay-Young
OBJ/106 Mr & Mrs Cartwright
OBJ/107 Ms S Perry
OBJ/108 Mr & Mrs A Wilson
OBJ/109 Mr & Mrs McKernan
OBJ/110 Mrs C Camps
OBJ/111 Ms J K Read
OBJ/112 F W Barter
OBJ/113 Mr P Golding
OBJ/114 Mr & Mrs G Hall
OBJ/115 Dr S Bailey
OBJ/116 Cllr W Hirst - petition, please contact Programme Officer
OBJ/117 Jockey Club Estates Limited
OBJ/118 Tony Franklin Consultants
OBJ/119 Mrs J Watson
OBJ/120 Ms C Watson
OBJ/121 Mr J Smith


SUPP/1 Ms L Lowe
SUPP/2 Mr S Roger
SUPP/3Old New and Dagworth & Gipping Parish Council


REP/1 East & Suffolk Water
REP/2 Tarmac Trading Ltd
REP/3 Historic England

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