Documents submitted by Other Parties during the Inquiry

OP-INQ-01 - Opening Statement - Suffolk County Council (OBJ-29)
OP-INQ-02 - Opening Statement - Forest Heath District Council (OBJ-27)
OP-INQ-03 - Opening Statement - St Edmundsbury Borough Council (OBJ-28)
OP-INQ-04 - Opening Statement - The Ramblers' Association (RA) (OBJ-36)
OP-INQ-05 - Letter from Suffolk County Council dated 05.12.17 regarding Statement of Case
OP-INQ-06 - Correspondence Bundle dated 8th to 12th February between the Ramblers' Association and Network Rail (NR) regarding Legal Submissions
OP-INQ-07 - Dr Rachel Wood (OBJ-84): Written Questions to evidence given by Mr Brunnen and Dr Algaard
OP-INQ-08 - Correspondence between Mr Smy (OBJ-16) and Network Rail dated 13 and 28 December 2017 (attaching a copy of "Review of Network Sail's All Level Crossing Risk Model (ALCRM)”)
OP-INQ-09 - Suffolk County Council (OBJ-29): Network Rail letter to Suffolk County Council dated 27 July 2017 referred to in Mr Kerr's Proof of Evidence
OP-INQ-10  Statement of Mr Matt Hancock, MP for West Suffolk
OP-INQ-11  The Ramblers’ Association (OBJ-36): Replacement Contents page of Mr Russell’s Proof of Evidence
OP-INQ-12  Philip Hodson (OBJ-13): PowerPoint slides
OP-INQ-13  The Ramblers’ Association (OBJ-13): casw law/Hansard extract source documents referred to in the Opening Statement (OP-INQ-04) and Legal Submissions (OP-INQ-06) -
                   (i)   Supreme Court Judgment - R Lumba v Secretary of State for the Home Department, 2011
                   (ii)   Hansard extract – volume 204 col 485
                   (iii)   DEFRA Rights of Way Circular (1/09)
OP-INQ-14  The Ramblers’ Association (OBJ-36): Appeal Court Judgement - Hertfordshire County Council v DEFRA, of 14 December 2006
OP-INQ-15  The Ramblers’ Association(OBJ-36): Further source document referred to in the Opening Statement (OP-INQ-04) - Case law, Margery Hale v Norfolk County Council 2001;   Court of Appeal Judgment – Burnside v Emerson, July 1968; and Highway Law, Stephen Sauvin QC (extract)
OP-INQ-16  The Ramblers' Association (OBJ-36): Mr Russell’s reference documents -
                    (i)    ROSPA Rural Road Safety Factsheet, February 2017
                    (ii)   Office of Rail & Road - Rail Safety Statistics, 22 September 2016
                    (iii)   ROSPA Rural Road Environment Policy Paper (extract), August 2010
                    (iv)   ROSPA Inappropriate Speed (extract), February 2017
                    (v)    Department for Transport – Manual for Streets (extract – street dimensions)
OP-INQ-17  The Ramblers’ Association (OBJ-36): s31 note
OP-INQ-18  Paul Baker (Obj-26): Questions to NR
OP-INQ-19  Suffolk County Council (OBJ-29): Extract of the Highways Act 1980 (section 293)
OP-INQ-20  Suffolk County Council (OBJ-29): Rights of Way status of S22 Weatherby
OP-INQ-21  Suffolk County Council (OBJ-29): Screen shot Ms Robinson’s proof
OP-INQ-22  National Farmers Union (OBJ-32): Speaking notes of Louise Staples
OP-INQ-23  The Ramblers’ Association (OBJ-36): Note: Applicability of the Highways Act tests with reference to NR-INQ-26
OP-INQ-24  Suffolk County Council (OBJ-29): Note on the application of section 5(6) of the Transport and Works Act 1992 and the meaning of "required"
OP-INQ-25  Gordon Crosby (OBJ-34): Note and letter from James Cartlidge MP to Brantham Parish Council of 7 February 2018 concerning train depot development
OP-INQ-26  Brantham Parish Council (OBJ-83): Two photographs in relation to the route of the Stour and Orwell Walk  
OP-INQ-27  Gordon Crosby (OBJ-34): Extract from the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) and Town & Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) Order 2015
OP-INQ-28  The Ramblers' Association (OBJ-36) - Extracts of Oxford English Dictionary of 'suitable' and 'convenient'
OP-INQ-29  Gordon Crosby (OBJ-34): Supplementary Appendix to Proof of Evidence, 2 March 2018
OP-INQ-30   Suffolk County Council (OBJ-29): Exchange of correspondence between Suffolk Highways of 9 February 2018 and response on behalf of Network Rail of 12 February 2018
OP-INQ-31  Ramblers’ Association (OBJ-36): Note on the status of S22 Weatherby
OP-INQ-32   Schedule 15 of the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981
OP-INQ-33   Suffolk County Council (OBJ-29): Supplementary Submissions on the Rights of Way status of S22 Weatherby
OP-INQ-34   Paul Baker (Obj-26): Conditional withdrawal of objection to crossing S12 Gooderhams
OP-INQ-35    Dr Rachel Wood (Obj-84): Supporting evidence to show accuracy of quoted sources for Appendices
OP-INQ-36    Dr Rachel Wood (Obj-84): Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society (extracts)
OP-INQ-37  Suffolk County Council (Obj-29): Further correspondence between Cambridgeshire County Council and Network Rail in relation to crossing S22 and referred to in Appendix 2 to SCC Proof of Evidence of Andrew Woodin
OP-INQ-38    Dr Rachel Wood (Obj-84): Newmarket – Enquiry by Design Workshop Report
OP-INQ-39    Forest Heath District Council (OBJ-27): Additional Appendices of Sara Noonan
OP-INQ-40    Paul Baker (OBJ-26): Additional Appendices 4 and 5, together with clarification emails relating to an alternative proposal
OP-INQ-41    Ramblers’ Association (OBJ-36): Technical Note of Mr Russell – S69 Bacton
OP-INQ-42    Philip Hodson (OBJ-13): Press cuttings
OP-INQ-43   Ramblers’ Association (OBJ-36): Note on C22 Weatherby Crossing on extent to which the RA agrees with the Network Rail’s proposed approach and Extract of the Railways Clauses Consolidation Act 1845
OP-INQ-44  Suffolk County Council (OBJ-29): Note in response to NR-INQ-64 on S22 Weatherby
OP-INQ-45   C C Gooderham & Son (OBJ-40): Written Statement dated 12 February 2018
OP-INQ-46   C C Gooderham & Son (OBJ-40): Written Statement dated 13 March 2018
OP-INQ-47   Paul Baker (OBJ-26) - email dated 9 March 2018 - alternatives
OP-INQ-48   Mark Beaven (OBJ-91): Statement dated 13 February 2018
OP-INQ-49   Paul Baker (OBJ-26): Map extract highlighting Church Road footway
OP-INQ-50   Suffolk Local Access Forum (OBJ-23): Background note from David Barker
OP-INQ-51   Suffolk County Council (OBJ-29): Proposed traffic management priority arrangement relating to the development off Broad Road – 4 drawings
OP-INQ-52  Ramblers' Association (OBJ-36): Updated statement of Mr Boardman
OP-INQ-53  Philip Hodson (OBJ-13): Evidence to show Network Rail is capacitated to build infrastructure assets and bridges
OP-INQ-54  Forest Heath District Council (OBJ-27): Statement by Graham Edwards on behalf of the Newmarket Town Football Club
OP-INQ-55 Email trail with Graham Edwards, Newmarket Football Club with Article published in Newmarket Journal
OP-INQ-56 Email trail with Dawn Smith on behalf of John Smith regarding attendance at Inquiry
OP-INQ-57 Mr Baker - (OBJ-26) Proposed alternate solution for crossings S13 Fords Green and S69 Bacton dated 06.04.18
OP-INQ-58 SCC - Modifications to the Order plus table and two versions of Order
OP-INQ-59 SCC Note on flooding at the Pound Hill underpass
OP-INQ-60 SCC & SEDC Note concerning NR's request for Deemed Planning Permission
OP-INQ-61 SEDC - Note on Environmental Impact Assessment 
Email from John Finbow in support of Mr Baker's alternative proposal
OP-INQ-63 Email from Bacton '89 Footbal Club in support of Mr Baker's alternative proposal
OP-INQ-64 SCC - four plans regarding Bacton, Pound Hill Under Bridge
OP-INQ-65 Email and plans from Mr Baker - S69 surface water flood risk and responsibility
OP-INQ-66 Email from Judith Hull in support of Mr Baker's alternative proposal
OP-INQ-67 Email from Simon Gooderham in support of Mr Baker's alternative proposal
OP-INQ-68 SEDC - Local Plan Policies Map and Index
OP-INQ-69 SEDC - Letter regarding Proof of Evidence and submission of letter from NR 25-06-2015
OP-INQ-70 Email trail with Guy Bettley-Cooke with questions to NR and response with Inspector Not regarding 'Request for a Direction as to Deemed Planning Permission
OP-INQ-71 Additional note from Philip Hodson in response to email regarding his additional 

OBJ-INQ-72 RA - Technical Note by John Russell regarding traffic survey evidence
OP-INQ-73 Article published in Newmarket Journal on 15 March 2018
OP-INQ-74 Submssion of Statement from Mrs P Collins
OP-INQ-75 Further submission from Mr M Smy regarding Proposed Diversionary Route
OP-INQ-76 Local Plan Policies cover sheet
OP-INQ-77 Papers submitted to the Inquiry by Newmarket Town Council on 02.05.18
OP-INQ-78 Correspondence from Mr Hodson regarding Yellow Brick Road
OP-INQ-79 Briefing Note on St Edmunsbury Local Plan
OP-INQ-80 SCC - photographs taken at Higham
OP-INQ-81 Mr Baker's response to NR regarding drainage - 01.05.18
OP-INQ-82 SCC note on Draft Order E/3169 including draft s247 order, public notice and site plans 1 & 2
OP-INQ-83 Road Traffic Regulation 1984, Section 14
OP-INQ-84 Plan Walk Bing Map - Thurston CP
OP-INQ-85 Two OS maps regarding Crossing S23
OP-INQ-86 Written Submission from RA on the wording of the Amended Draft Order (NR-INQ-01) amd the Request for Planning Permission (NR-10)
OP-INQ-87 SCC - Further research into history of Pound Hill Bacton in response to Network Rail Note on drainage at Pound Hill
OP-INQ-88 Mr Smy - note regarding leaflet distribution area - Round 2 Distribution
OP-INQ-89 RA Closing Submission presented by Ms Sue Rumfitt
OP-INQ-90 Appendices to RA Closing Submission
OP-INQ-91 - SCC updated modifications 
OP-INQ-92 - FHDC and SEBC further information on S22 and S25
OP-INQ-93 - Submission of 14.05.18 from Mr Crossby regarding widths of pedestrian routes
OP-INQ-94 - Email of 18.05.18 confirming that FHDC and SEBC are happy with NR suggestions re S22 and S25
OP-INQ-95 - Late objection from Mr & Mrs Crack
OP-INQ-96 - SCC modification plane for S01 and S23
OP-INQ-97 - FHDC and SEBC concerns regarding leaflet drop
OP-INQ-98 - Potential late objection from Mrs C Milward
OP-INQ-99 - Closing Submission by Mr N Farthing, Birketts on behalf of OBJ042
OP-INQ-100 - Costs Application received from Ms M Grice, Birketts on behalf of OBJ060
OP-INQ-101 - Objection correspondence from Mr & Mrs Bagshaw
OP-INQ-102 - Closing Statement of Mr Paul Baker OBJ/026
OP-INQ-103 - Closing Statement on behalf of Mr David Caldwell
OP-INQ-104 - Closing Statement of Mr Gordon Crosby
OP-INQ-105 - Closing Statement of Mr Warwick Hirst on behalf of Newmarket Town Council
OP-INQ-106 - Note from Senior Ecology & Landscape Officer from SCC
OP-INQ-107 - Costs Application from Mr Paul Baker
OP-INQ-108 - Closing Statement from Mr Philip Hodson
OP-INQ-109 - Closing Statement and Appendices on behalf of Suffolk County Council
OP-INQ-110 - Closing Statement and Appendix on behalf of Forest Heath District Council
OP-INQ-111 - Closing Statement on behalf of St Edmundsbury Borough Council
OP-INQ-112 - SCC confirmation email as to current status of Rights of Way Improvement Plan 2006-2016
OP/INQ/113 Costs application on behalf of Mr David Caldwell-Response to Network Rail comments of 24 May 2018
OP/INQ/114 Costs application on behalf of Mr Paul Baker-Response to Network Rail comments of 24 May 2018
OP/INQ/115 Regina v Brent London Borough Council, ex parte Gunning and Others [1985]
OP/INQ/116 Costs application on behalf of  Mrs M Johnston & Mrs A Fish


OP/INQ/117 Costs application on behalf of Mrs M Johnston & Mrs A Fish-Response to Network Rail comments

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