Inquiry Documents submitted by Network Rail during the Inquiry

NR-INQ-01 - Compliance Bundle (downloadable in 5 parts)
                      Part 1;      Part 2;      Part 3;      Part 4;      Part 5;    
NR-INQ-02 - Opening Statement
NR-INQ-03a - Filled Order
NR-INQ-03b - Replacement Order Plans
NR-INQ-04 – Reference Documents to Mr Brunnen’s Evidence
                      1.0 Reference table- documents referred to in Proof of Evidence
                      4.5-4.8 National Operating Licence
                      4.7 The Railways Act 1993
                      5.1 NSP National Networks
                      5.5 EU Directive (Directive 2004-49-EC)
                      5.7 RSP7 - Level Crossings - A guide for managers, designers and operators (2011)
                      5.9 Period Review 2013 - Final Determination of Network Rail Outputs and Funding for 2014-19 (PR13)
                      5.14 Safety-Vision-Statement
                      5.15 Managing Public Money [Extract]
                      5.18 R_L2_OPS_100 - Provision, risk assessment and review of level crossings
                      8.21 Ian Prosser Letter
                      9.2 2015-06-report-T984-causes-of-pedestrian-accidents-at-level-crossings
                      9.26 HSE Contract Report 98-1996
NR-INQ-05 - Correspondence between NR and SCC about extending the scope of the SCC's Statement of Case
NR-INQ-06 - Correspondence between NR and Mr Bettley-Cooke (OBJ-01)
NR-INQ-07 - Mr Brunnen notes relating to his Evidence in Chief
NR-INQ-08 - Correspondence between NR and SCC regarding draft side agreement
NR-INQ-09 - Withdrawal of Objections from Mr Butler (OBJ-30) and Mrs Butler (OBJ-31)
NR-INQ-10 - Withdrawal of Objection to Crossing S01 from Gillian Forsyth (OBJ-54)
NR-INQ-11 - Withdrawal of Objection from Dr Box (OBJ-46)
NR-INQ-12 - Reference Documents to Dr Algaard's Evidence
                     1.0  Reference table - documents referred to in Proof of Evidence
                     2.6.12 National Planning Policy framework (NPPF)
                     2.6.12 Suffolk Transport Plan 2011-2013
                     2.6.17 Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP)
                     2.6.18 Safety at Level Crossings - House of Commons Transport Select Committee
NR-INQ-13 - Note on definition of 'required' under s5(6)
NR-INQ-14 - Bundle of correspondence betweeen Sue Rumfitt Associates and WS Law regarding the Ramblers dated December 2017 to February 2018
NR-INQ-15 - Reference Documents to Ms Tilbrook’s Evidence - Part 1 (A - M)
NR-INQ-16 - Reference Documents to Ms Tilbrook’s Evidence - Part 2 (L - S)
 (Parts 1 & 2 combined as one document download)
NR-INQ-17 - Reference Documents to Mr Billingsley’s Evidence
                     1.0 Reference table of documents referred to in Proof of Evidence
                     3.4 DCLG Guidance on the Compulsory Purchase Process & the Critchel Down Rules
            Section 28 of the Highways Act 1980
                     6.1 Article 1 of the First Protocol of the European Convention on Human Rights
                     8.0 Objection Letters
NR-INQ-18 - Note on Land Referencing Audit
NR-INQ-19 - Office of Rail and Road and the NR (Suffolk Level Crossing Reduction) Order
NR-INQ-20 - NR Project Processes
                      Appendix 1
NR-INQ-21 - Estimated cost savings referred to in Dr Algaard's Proof
NR-INQ-22 - Appendices L-M of Ms Tilbrook's Evidence in colour - DIA
                     Appendix L
                     Appendix M
NR-INQ-23 - NR response to CCC email of 9th February 2018
NR-INQ-24 - Response to WS Law from Mr Bettley-Cook dated 12th February 2018
NR-INQ-25 - Control Period 6 Funding
                      Appendix 1
                      Appendix 2
NR-INQ-26 - Note on definition of 'Suitable and convenient'
NR-INQ-27 - Photographic Record of PI Notices - January 2018
NR-INQ-28 - Reference Note of Mr Prest
NR-INQ-29 - Appendix T of Ms Tilbrook's Evidence
NR-INQ-30  Signed Statement of Common Ground between Network Rail & Suffolk County Council
NR-INQ-31  Responses to Dr Wood (OBJ/84 questions to Dr Algaard
NR-INQ-32  Extracts from Volumes 0 and 7 of the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges
NR-INQ-33  Extract from Volume 6 of the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges
NR-INQ-34  Note: Individual & Collective risk and the calculated Fatalities and Weighted Injuries (FWI)
NR-INQ-35  Letter from the Environment Agency of 9 February 2018,       Network Rail note in response of 20 February 2018,      extract from the Examination Authority's Report for M20 Junction 10A,   with Appendix 1   and Appendix 2
NR-INQ-36  Position note on objection of the Royal Mail Group Limited (Obj/52)
NR-INQ-37  EIA Screening Request dated 18 January 2017
                    Appendix A
                    Appendix B
                    Appendix C
                    Appendix D
NR-INQ-38  Diversity Impact Assessment – Scoping Report dated August 2016
NR-INQ-39  Article entitled "Plans unveiled for new depot near Manningtree", referred to in Mr Kenning's evidence
NR-INQ-40  SO1 - Ecology Survey Drawing & Environmental Constraints plan 
NR-INQ-41  Note: Cow Creek level crossing & impact of diverting users from S12 & S13
                    (with appendix)
NR-INQ-42  Identification of High Risk Level Crossing & the Frequency of Risk Assessments
NR-INQ-43  Note: Cost Benefit Analysis
NR-INQ-44  Note: Amendment made to the RSA Response Report 367516/RPT015 Rev B, included in core document NR16 (with 3 appendices)
                    Appendix 1
                    Appendix 2
                    Appendix 3
NR-INQ-45  Supplementary note: Section 5(6) definkition of 'required'
NR-INQ-46  Fatalities & Serious Incidents at Level Crossings 2005 – 2017
NR-INQ-47  Tab 6 Appraisal of Summary Table Template
NR-INQ-48  Webpage screenshot – Stour & Orwell Walk, Long Distance Path
NR-INQ-49  S01 - Colour plan entitled Environmental Constraints
NR-INQ-50  Note on walking speeds
NR-INQ-51  Responses to questions to Mark Brunnen by Obj/84, Dr Rachael Wood
NR-INQ-52  Note entitled “Impact on future enhancements”
NR-INQ-53  Note on LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging)
NR-INQ-54  Note on consultation with Local Planning Authorities
                   with Appendix 1      and Appendix 2
NR-INQ-55  Note entitled “The request for deemed planning permission”
NR-INQ-57  Notice posting note with two photographs 
                                    Photo 1                        Photo 2
NR-INQ-58  Response to questions by Obj/26, Paul Baker
NR-INQ-59  Statement on Crossing S22
NR-INQ-59a  Note of Crossing S22
NR-INQ-59b  Appendix 1: Newmarket & Chesterford Railway Act 1846
NR-INQ-59c  Appendix 2: Deposited Plans for Newmarket & Chesterford Railway Act 1846
NR-INQ-59d  Appendix 3: Book of Reference for Newmarket & Chesterford Railway Act 1846
NR-INQ-59e  Appendix 4: Conveyance from Duke of Rutland
NR-INQ-59f   Appendix 5: Railways Clauses Consolidation Act 1845 (extract)
NR-INQ-59g  Appendix 6: Deposited Plan for Great Eastern Railway Act 1879 (extract)
NR-INQ-59h  Appendix 7: 1968 Council consultation correspondence
NR-INQ-59i   Appendix 8: Conveyance of land south west of crossing
NR-INQ-59j   Appendix 9: Conveyance of land south east of crossing
NR-INQ-59k  Appendix 10: Demarcation Agreement
NR-INQ-59l  Appendix 11: No Public Right of Way confirmed by Suffolk County Council
NR-INQ-59m  Appendix 12: Ramblers’ Association v SoS for Environment Food & Rural Affairs, Network Rail and Others
NR-INQ-59n  Appendix 13: British Transport Commission Act 1949
NR-INQ-59o  Appendix 14: Section 31 Highways Act 1980
NR-INQ-60  Note in response to the statement on 13 February 2018 by Matt Hancock MP (OP-INQ-10) with six appendices -
                     Appendix 1;     Appendix 2;     Appendix 3;    Appendix 4;    Appendix 5;    Appendix 6
NR-INQ-61  Operational Impacts of level crossings
NR-INQ-62   Note on House of Commons Transport Committee report on Safety at Level Crossings
NR-INQ-63   Case Law bundle comprising 26 extracts - downloadable in five parts -
Part 1;          Part 2;          Part 3;          Part 4;          Part 5
NR-INQ-64   Note on Road Safety Audit S08
NR-INQ-65   Speaking Note on S22 Weatherby
NR-INQ-66   Note on the Statement of Matters
NR-INQ-67   Note on removal of plots
NR-INQ-68   Note on document submitted by Mr Crosby (OBJ-34) in relation to footway works
NR-INQ-69   Response to Mr Crosby’s submission on S01 Sea Wall
NR-INQ-70   E-mail exchange with West Suffolk District Council and the Department for Transport on Screening Request consultation
NR-INQ-71   Mr Prest evidence note on additional information on S22 Weatherby, 12 March 2018
NR-INQ-72   NR Note - not objection to Mr Hodson's late submission dated 28 March 2018
NR-INQ-73   NR email response to Mr Edwards' submission dated 28 March 2018
NR-INQ-74   Note on 85th Percentile Speed
NR-INQ-75   Note on Newmarket Town Attendance
NR-INQ-76   Response to Mr Baker's proposed modifications re S69 S13
NR-INQ-76-1 Appendix
NR-INQ-77    Note on s13 and response to Mr Finbow
NR-INQ-78  Supplementary note on s22
NR-INQ-79  Note on approvals process and attachment
NR-INQ-80  Note on DIAs and attachment
NR-INQ-81  Note on Ecology
NR-INQ-82 Ecology technical note and five attachments:
a. Appendix A
b. Appendix B
c. Ecological Constraints Report
d. Suffolk Precautionary Method Statement
e. HRA Screening Report
NR-INQ-83  Ecology Technical Note S01, S02, S03
NR-INQ-84  Response to SCC’s proposed modifications to the Order and letter dated 6 April
NR-INQ-85  Bacton United confirmation of withdrawal of objection
NR-INQ-86  NR - Filled Order and Note dated 06.04.18
NR-INQ-87  NR Note on Drainage at S69 Pound Hill Underbridge
NR-INQ-88 Email correspondence between Mr P Hodson and the Programme Officer/Inspector regarding submitting further evidence and cross-examination
NR-INQ-89 NR Note on S24 - Full ATC counts
NR-INQ-90 NR Note in response to the drainage maps submitted by Mr P Baker on 19 April 2018
NR-INQ-91 Exract from Joint Development Management Policies Document, Februay 2015
NR-INQ-92 Taylor Wimpey Land at Bury St Edmunds - Master Plan
NR-INQ-93 Page 34 of Andy Kenning's Proof of Evidence with hand-written annotations
NR-INQ-94 Two plans - Distribution Area 5A (Round 2 numbering)
NR-INQ-95 NR Note in response to Mr & Mrs Brace 1 May 2018 plus plan
NR-INQ-96  NR Note on ATC Survey Number - AC06 for S27 Barrell's Road
NR-INQ-97 Note in response to Mr Smy regarding flooding
NR-INQ-98 Note on Cycle Speeds and National Cycle Routes
NR-INQ-99 Note on vehicle restraint systems and bridge parapet heights
NR-INQ-100 - Letter from Gateley Plc withdrawing Objection on behalf of Taylor Wimpey
NR-INQ-101 - NR Order modification request in relation to crossing S29 Hawk End Lane
NR-INQ-102 - Environmental Appraisal & Action Plan Technical Note
NR-INQ-103 - Note on S27 Hump Back Bridge Stopping Sight Distance
NR-INQ-104 - Construction of new bridges - NR's approach to shared value
NR-INQ-105 - NR Note on recent planning permission in Thurston
NR-INQ-106 - Note on S25 diversion distance
NR-INQ-107 - Note on crossings S27 and S28
NR-INQ-108 - Natural England position updateon S01 Sea Wall Level Crossing
NR-INQ-109 - Note of response to Mr Hodson's various submissions
NR-INQ-110 - NR response to Mr Crosby's email of 16.05.18
NR-INQ-111 - Further response to Mr Crosby submitted 22.05.18
NR-INQ-112 - S01 Assessment Technical Note
NR-INQ-113 - Note regarding Order Plans and revised Plans
NR-INQ-114 - NR Note on the Code of Good Shooting Practice
NR-INQ-115 - NR Draft Conditions
NR-INQ-116 - Response to questions asked of Mr Prest in respect of S27 and S69
NR-INQ-117 - Note on Mott MacDonald Staff in Attendance at the Ecology Session in the Inquiry on 23 May 2018  
NR-INQ-118 - Filled up Order without Schedules
NR-INQ-119 - Filled up Order with Schedules
NR-INQ-120 - NR letter to Mr & Mrs Smith dated 20 April 2018
NR-INQ-121 - Note on S03 Mapping Discrepancies
NR-INQ-122 - Joint Statement on behalf of NR and SCC - 24 May 2018
NR-INQ-123 - Note on implications of objector alternatives for the Order
NR-INQ-124 - ​Revised Note on implications of objector alternatives for the Order
NR-INQ-125 - Letter to Mr & Mrs Bagshaw dated 24 May 2018
NR-INQ-126 - Letter to Mr & Mrs Crack dated 24 May 2018
NR-INQ-127 - Letter to Mrs C Milward dated 24 May 2018
NR-INQ-128 - Final filled up Order and note regarding removal of S07
NR-INQ-129 - Note on Inspector concerns on draft Order as drafted and side agreement
NR-INQ-130 - The Anglia Rail: Reduction Strategy HRA Stage 1 Screening S01 Sea Wall
NR-INQ-131 - Note on Implications of Objector Alternatives for the Order dated 24 May 2018 and Schedules
NR-INQ-132 - NR response to Birketts on Application of Costs on behalf of Mr David Caldwell
NR-INQ-133 - NR response to Mr Paul Baker on Application of Costs
NR-INQ-134 - Joint Statement on behalf of NR and SCC signed and dated 24 May 2018
NR-INQ-135 - Court Judgment People over Wind and Peter Sweetman V Coillte Teoranta
NR/INQ/136 Note on modifications to the Order discussed on day 25 of the Inquiry
NR/INQ/137 Closing submissions on behalf of Network Rail
NR/INQ/138 Sections 247 and 257 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990
NR/INQ/139 Mott Macdonald Precautionary Method of Works: Legally Protected Species, 25 May 2018 - tracked changes
NR/INQ/139 Mott Macdonald Precautionary Method of Works: Legally Protected Species, 25 May 2018 - clean
NR/INQ/140 Tracked change version of Rule 10(6) Request for Planning Permission
NR/INQ/141 The Network Rail (Ordsall Chord) Order 2015


NR/INQ/142 NR Response to Costs application on behalf of  Mrs M Johnston & Mrs A Fish

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