Core Documents

NR01 - Application
NR02 - Draft Network Rail (Suffolk and Others Level Crossing Reduction) Order
NR03 - Explanatory Memorandum
NR04 - Statement of Aims
NR05 - Statement of Consultation
NR06 - Funding Statement
NR07 - Estimate of Costs
NR08 - Works Land and Rights of Way Plans and Section Plans
NR09 - Book of Reference
NR10 - Planning Statement, which provides a description of the scope and purpose of the Application in relation to relevant legislative requirements, and planning policy
NR11 - Screening Decision Letter, which confirms that under the EIA Regulations the scheme has been deemed as having no significant impact on the environment and therefore does not require an Environmental Statement
NR12 - Design Guide which outlines the design proposal principles and components, including drawings for each level crossing
NR13 - Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (tab 1)
NR14 - ORR: Strategy for regulation of health and safety risks – 4: Level crossings (tab 2)
NR15 - ORR: Periodic Review 2013: Final determination of Network Rail’s output funding for 2014–19. Extracts relevant to level crossings—the entire document is available at (tab 3)
NR16 - Road Safety Audits for Suffolk (tab 4)
NR17 - Transforming Level Crossings 2015–2040 (tab 5)
NR18 - Client Requirements Document Anglia CP5 Level Crossing Reduction Strategy (tab 6) 
NR19 - CP5 Level Crossing Risk Reduction Fund Criteria, Governance and Reporting (tab 7)
NR20 - Network Rail Standard NR/L1/XNG/100: Level crossing asset management policy (tab 8)
NR21 - Network Rail Standard NR/L2/SIG/19608: Level crossing asset inspection and  implementation of minimum actions codes (tab 9)
NR22 - Network Rail Operations Manual NR_L3_OCS_041_5-16: Risk Assessing Level Crossings (tab 10)
NR23 - Network Rail Level Crossing Guidance 01: Completion of Site Visit and Census Forms (tab 11)
NR24 - Anglia Route Study (March 2016) (tab 12)
NR25 - Censuses of Suffolk sites (tab 13)
NR26 - Network Rail Statement of Case 

Core Documents submitted by Suffolk County Council
A Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Suffolk: Refreshed for 2016 – 2019
OBJ/29/C2          Bury St Edmunds – Inset 1 (February 2015)
OBJ/29/C3          Bury St Edmunds: Vision 2031
OBJ/29/C4          Commuted Sums for Maintaining Infrastructure Assets
OBJ/29/C5          Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy (March 2016)
OBJ/29/C6          Green Access Strategy Policies and Action Plan (Draft)
OBJ/29/C7          Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan (2016)
OBJ/29/C8          Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Strategy (November 2015)
OBJ/29/C9          Rights of Way Improvement Plan 2006 - 2016 in two parts
                            Part 1        and        Part 2
OBJ/29/C10       St Edmundsbury Core Strategy: Local Development Framework (December 2010)
OBJ/29/C11       Suffolk Local Transport Plan 2011 – 2031: Part 1 – Transport Strategy
OBJ/29/C12       Suffolk Rail Prospectus
OBJ/29/C13       Suffolk Walking Strategy 2015 - 2020
OBJ/29/C14       Suffolk’s Nature Strategy
OBJ/29/C15       Transforming Suffolk: Suffolk’s Community Strategy 2008 – 2028

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